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상법 – 노동법 – 지적 재산법 소송 전문
송&백은 강력한 비즈니스 민사 전문 변호사 그릅입니다. 승소,합의 두가지만 생각합니다.
Our firm possesses widespread experience protecting our business and corporate clients’ interests in state and federal courts throughout the United States. Our firm invests the time with each client to confidentially explore the most effective and creative means of obtaining the desired goal. Our clients can be assured that we will recommend litigation only where strategically viable to our client. The attorneys of SONG & BACK, Attorneys at Law counsel entrepreneurs, business owners, shareholders, investors, and other stakeholders in multiple facets of their commercial endeavors.

Our clients benefit from the vast array of experiences our firm has acquired in handling both simple and complex business disputes involving claims such as breach of contract, trade libel and commercial disparagement, misappropriation of trade secrets, copyright and trademark infringement, violation of non-compete and non-disclosure agreements, deceptive trade practices among various others. Whether common law, state law, federal law, or a combination thereof, our firm has the capability of utilizing any and all claims that are lawfully available to us to vigorously and sensibly pursue our client’s rights and remedies.

SONG & BACK is a boutique firm that can give a thorough and individualized attention to each client’s matter. From our offices in Los Angeles and Orange County, our lawyers represent businesses at all stages and phases of its operations, working with our clients to achieve a form of organization, operational structure and framework that is best suited to its goals. Contact us today to learn more about how our experienced attorneys can help you meet and address your legal needs.

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